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Frequently asked questions


What do I need to start using C.O.B Mobile Banking app?

If you have a BlackBerry, Android or Nokia handset : visit our Mobile Banking download page to install the app directly to your phone.
Once you've installed the app, launch it and login with your C.O.B Member number andMobile Banking pin.
If you're not registered for Mobile Banking, click here to enroll.


Are there any fees or charges?

There are currently no fees for Balance Enquiry and Transaction History


What is my Member Number?

Your member number will be located on your quarterly statement. Please note your ATM card number is not your member number. For assistance contact us at (246) 430-5900


What services and accounts are available on C.O.B Mobile banking apps?

You can access your Deposit and Share accounts to make transfers, loan payments, and access any other active account associated with your member number. We also offer a Branch and ATM locator as well as the option to view exchange rates and apply for loans.


How do I enroll my phone for C.O.B Mobile Banking?

  1. Download, Complete and Print the application form (found on the enrollment page)
  2. Bring the printed form into one of our offices with your COB Member's ID
  3. One of our representatives will assist you with completing the enrollment process

For further information contact , (246) 430-5900


How do I install the C.O.B Mobile Banking App?

  1. From your mobile device visit
  2. Click Download from the menu
  3. Click the Make of your mobile device
  4. For Blackberry devices please search Blackberry App World for C.O.B
  5. Click the model number of your device
  6. Download and Install App
  7. Once download start the app to begin the activation process.

For further information contact, (246) 430-5900


How do I activate the C.O.B Mobile Banking App?

To activate the C.O.B Mobile Banking App on your device, you must complete the enrollment process and received your activation key

  1. From your mobile device click the C.O.B Mobile Banking App icon
  2. Accept our mobile banking Terms and Conditions
  3. Enter your User ID (Member Number)
  4. Enter your password – (This pin is your IVR Pin, If you don’t have IVR the PIN is the last four digits of your Barbados ID)
  5. Enter your cell number
  6. Enter your activation key – Your activation email will contain this number.
  7. Click submit.

For further information content, (246) 430-5900


Can I use the app on multiple devices?

No. For security reasons we only allow one phone to be activated and associated with your member number.


Is Mobile Banking safe?

Yes. We use a range of security measures to keep your banking safe. We also recommend that you use an access code to lock your phone for an added layer of security.


What if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

Contact your carrier immediately to have your device disabled. Following this contact us at (246) 430-5900 to report your loss.